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One complete set of tattoo removal device S400 with digital control unit and holder, power supply and needles 7R.Body Tattoo and PMU removal device in high quality aluminum. Solid hand-held treatment device with stepless needle length adjustment. Modern display control unit, easy to operate with..
890.00 €
Ideal for SKIN-DO-MA and FAD'IT-SAFE methodIdentical to the handheld device of the S400Simple, practical control device for mobile applicationsIn a practical leather box for transportPower supply with EU plugPerfect as a second device or a cheap alternative to the S400..
590.00 €
Different needle sizes.10 needlesATTENTION: Use 7RS needles for Tattoo and PMU REMOVALUse 1R or 3R or 5R are ONLY for the creation of Permanent Make UP ..
54.00 €
9 mmSize fits perfectly with the the handpick holder with ink cup holder of the S 400. Small size, helps to save removal liquid...
6.90 €
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